Lost a pill? Can't read the fine print?

In order to mitigate unreliable eyesight -- either misreading the imprint or colourblind patients misidentifying the pill colours -- we developed an app which allows users to take a picture of the unknown pill and use AI to correctly identify the pill for them and provide them with life-saving information about the drug.

How it works

  • Lose a pill?

    Sometimes we lose things. It happens. At PillPix, we understand.

  • Take a photo.

    Simply take a photo of your pill against a white background and upload it to our site and let PillPix do the rest!

  • Save a life!

    Armed with knowledge, you can now use your medication exactly as perscribed and save a life!

Get started!

Upload a photo of the (as of yet) unidentified pill against
a white background and PillPix will do the rest!

About Team Klear

Team Klear is a team competing at MedHacks 2018 at Johns Hopkins University. This hackathon brings together hackers from diverse backgrounds to improve healthcare in many different ways.